Meet the Makers




Eugene “Shy” Ziegler

As a life-long resident of Fond du Lac  – family, friends, and community has always been at the forefront. Growing up in a large family has always taught me to take a practical approach. I approach the winemaking process the same way. Our parents grew grapes and many types of fruit trees and our father tried his hand at winemaking on several occasions. I was always intrigued by the process and this was where it all started for me. In 1998, I fermented my 1st batch of wine. What started as a wine kit and grapes harvested from our backyard turned into 50-60 batches of various wines over the years. As time passed, my wife, my brothers, and I decided to start looking for the ideal location to start our dream of producing wine on the larger scale.

In 2015 we purchased the property now housing Eastern Ridges Vineyard and Ziegler Winery and the real work began. Fields were worked, vines were planted, equipment was purchased, and the buildings were reconstructed. We could never have completed all of this work without the assistance of our wonderful family and friends. We are truly grateful!

As your winemakers, my brother Randy and I strive to project the true impression of art coming through with every glass. The focus is on craftsmanship- being practical but bold, never following the crowd. With minimal intervention during our fermentation processes, we strive to make your experience one to remember. Our goal is for you to have fun and share our wines with your family and friends. Relax, enjoy, and talk with one another. The experiences are truly life’s special gifts.